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 The Mitchell County Abstract Company 

maintains the recorded records to all property in Mitchell County from government entries in the 1850’s to the present day. With this information we are able to provide an accurate search of the records from our maintained title plant, for the property abstracted. The information found is entered into the abstract of title for an attorney to provide an opinion of the title of the real estate.

Our office strives to provide top quality service in a timely manner, and produce an accurate product for our customers. We at the Mitchell County Abstract Company look forward to serving Mitchell Country for another 100 years

Our Team.

Sally Hertel has been with our company since 2013 and has over 26 years of experience in the legal field. Sally graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from Iowa State University. She is a Certified Land Title Professional with the Iowa Land Title Association. Since 2016, Sally has served on the Board of Directors for the Iowa Land Title Association. In May of 2023, Sally was elected President of the ILTA and will serve in that position until 2024. 

In her free time, Sally enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, biking and reading.

You can reach Sally directly at

Alana Scheer has been with our company since 2021. She graduated from Upper Iowa University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

In 2023, Alana and her husband Luke purchased the company and are now the current owners. She and her husband were both born and raised in Mitchell County and are grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Mitchell County, Iowa.    

In her free time, Alana enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and traveling. 

You can reach Alana directly at

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Our Products

Below is a brief description of the product/services we offer.

If you do not see a product that meets your requirements, or are in need of a price quote, feel free to call our office.



A new abstract is created when the original abstract has been lost or destroyed; a new parcel is established; or a parcel is being divided and/or sold off. 


A 1st Continuation Update of an abstract is ordered when an existing property is being sold; parceled off; divided or refinanced. 


A 2nd Continuation update is ordered after the property transaction is completed and all necessary documents have been filed of record in the county. After a sale is complete and all legal documents (Warranty Deeds; Probate Transfers; Quit Claim Deeds etc.) have been filed of record, or after a refinance when all Mortgages and releases have been filed.



A Gap Report is ordered the day of or the day before closing or refinancing to recheck the records. 


A 1st Lien Report is ordered when a property is being refinanced and the lender needs a report of liens upon the current owner and  real estate. 


A 2nd Lien Report is ordered after the transaction is completed and all documents  are filed of record. 


A TG 900 Report is much the same as a 1st Lien Report but uses Iowa Title Guaranty Program forms. 


A TG 901 Report is much the same as a 2nd Lien Report but uses Iowa Title Guaranty Program forms. 


This report is a search of  judgments only filed against the name requested. 

Custom orders


Custom reports are specialized reports to fit a client's specific needs. Genealogy research, proof of Century Farm status, family history research are examples of custom searches.

Mitchell County Abstract Company

Serving Mitchell County for over 100 years

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